Raised in creativity, groomed for relationship, and practiced in the bottom line.


Grew up near Rucker Park in Harlem, went to High School school at Thurgood Marshall Academy, went to college at Clarkson University, SUNY Canton, and Continental School of Beauty. I’m 100% Haitian, though, to be perfectly honest, I’m as Westernized as they come!

Between my first generation status, the area and environment in which I was raised (born in 91’, Libra Gang), and my diversified set of experiences living upstate New York for several years in and out of college, I have a very unique perspective on the world. My INTJ personality type often has me straight to the point in all things, but paired with being an active Hair Stylist, I can’t help but be a remarkable listener.

Here’s my why.

I was raised with my mom and my three older sisters. Pops was touch & go, though considering he and my mom was born and raised in Haiti, I can’t hold it against him too heavily. Been there. Being the youngest, by a considerable margin, and an introvert at boot, meant I had just one friend growing up. Snuggs. My guy! As you can imagine, we weren’t particularly emotionally invested in each other, unless you count the daily frustrations that surface over intense 1-on-1 battles in Goldeneye 007, Perfect Dark, SSX Tricky, WWF Smackdown vs. Raw, or YuGiOh Cards. (I will play anyone at any time in any of those games by the way, especially YuGiOh Cards!) My point is that I wasn’t raised having anyone tell me to follow my dreams, much less develop one. Get a degree, get a job at a hospital, and eat your legume. If you know you know.

I’m extremely passionate about partnering with Creatives, Artists, Brand and Business Owners, and the like because it’s an opportunity for me to be to someone else what I’ve never had someone be to me. I get to help you transform your intangible vision into a very tangible reality. I love people, and I love to create things that produce good results. It’s why I was more interested in Robotics than homework in High School. It’s why I was more interested in local churches than classes in College. It’s why I chose to go to school to do hair, of all things! Nevertheless, all of those years studying business, and all of the time I put in studying marketing continues to bear fruit.

My name is Elie J Rinchere. Self Employed Creative, Innovative Photographer, Business Owner, Collaborative Studio Manager, Lyricist, Recording Artist, Poet, Christian, First Generation Visionary from Harlem. I look forward to meeting you!