I believe hard work, a consistently constructive attitude, and a from-the-gut laugh will create the opportunity for a truly inspired life.


As far as family is concerned, my parents were both born and raised in Haiti. My three sisters and I are first generation Americans, which means I will never open your refrigerator door without express insistence, or spend the night at your place despite its obvious advantages. My home is in the sixth borough of New York City, Harlem. I did the college thing near Canada, having began my degree program at Clarkson University and finished at SUNY Canton. A precious time that was, followed by a move to Syracuse where I earned my License in Cosmetology. Back to home base, worked as an Assistant Hair Stylist at Cutler Salon, where I currently run my own Photo Studio.

Why Photography? What inspires what I do? Art questions?

Photography is like a vice to me. I love the gratification that comes from capturing something in a manner most in tune with the desires of the person with whom I am creating. Whether it's a crisp photo for fashion or commerce, moody brooding portrait, vibe-soaked album cover, or some chaotic gritty motion-blur-ridden action shot, I just love crushing it!

Anyway, that's a bit about me. All I really care about is infinite growth, and that requires hard work, a love of living, and a laugh that never fades!


Much love,



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